What To Eat While Travelling To These 5 Places

Clothes: check, tickets: check, currency: check, menu card: ???

Traveling out to explore a new land? Let’s give you a hand at getting a taste of the place. What to eat, where & why?

What: Indian Specialities

Where: London, yes!:  While in London, try the Jacket potatoes & travel to Brighton for the beach, the pier, the carousels & fish & chips. But then this is regular stuff…while in London, try out the best of Indian cuisine! From keema & bread to balti chicken to chicken tikka masala to vegetarian options like mattar paneer & dal & dosa…




Go to: Dishoom outlets at Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Kings Cross & Shoreditch.

Why: The best of dishes from Mumbai served in authentic style.

Go to: Masala Zone at Covent Garden, Soho, Earl’s Court, Parkway & Islington.

Why: Vibrant Indian settings, great food & excellent on the pocket!


What: Spaetzle.

Where: Munich: A trip to the Bavarian region of Germany is incomplete without drinking beer and eating Spaetzle; Known as homemade noodles in Bavaria. A unique pasta preparation served with meat in thick (but light) cheese curry with herbs and salad. The dish is soul-warming and the taste, addictive.




Go to: While all restaurants have mastered this local dish, but if you can, then travel to a small village called Waal – an hour from Munich. Head to Gausthauz Zer Post (you can stay here also, they have lovely rooms)

Why: Their Spaetzle is as authentic as it can get. Their beer garden is amazing. Waal is beautiful beyond words!


What: Meatballs.

Where: Denmark, Sweden. While you will be asked to make a gun for the famed open sandwiches, don’t miss out on the meatball experience. Why experience? Well because at most cafes lined along the cobbled streets, when you opt to dine out during winters, your tables are lit with lovely candles & restaurants provide you with a pair of blankets (to keep you all wrapped & warm).

The meatballs are great, served with pasta, mashed potatoes & salad and the whole dining experience is a cozy affair.




Go to: No names here! Go to the city hall square in Copenhagen or go to Old Town in Malmo (Sweden) and walk into any cafe.

Why: Because no Scandinavian experience is complete without having the meatballs.


What: Cheese Fondue

Where: St.Moritz of course! I mean you cannot not have cheese fondue when in  St.Moritz. Call in for your pot of melting cheese, dip in the mildly flavoured pieces of bread, crunch on some salad and enjoy bonding with loved ones like never before as everyone digs into the same pot. After all, a family that eats together, stays together!




Go to: Steffani at Sonneplatz.

Why: Because they are the best for Fondue!


Go to: Piz Moritz for the best Pizzas (St.Moritz is right at the Italian border remember?)

Why: The hotel is exceedingly beautiful & unbelievably priced!


What: Pancakes

Where: Sydney. The place not only boasts of the opera house & the pier. Right there at the pier, overlooking the blue waters, lie numerous pancake joints that are on every foodie’s list.  Again, walk in to any of the joints and go right ahead for a ‘never before’ pancake experience. I still can’t decipher what is it that they do different but the taste is unmatched.




Go to: I recommend Pancakes on the Rocks.

Why: Simply, because they are the best!

Bon voyage & bon appetit!

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