What Is Keto Diet And Its Effect On You

There are a number of diet plans on the internet that claim to make you lose weight in an unimaginably small amount of time. And that is probably the charm of them. However, most of these diets tell you what to eat and what to avoid eating, but a lot of them don’t work and in fact can harm your body. If you’re looking for a diet plan for fast weight loss you might come across the Keto diet. Though known to be rapidly rewarding, it is important you understand some basic things about the Keto diet.


What Is The Keto diet?




The Keto diet, short for Ketogenic is different because it tries to change how your body feels, especially how it uses up energy by putting it into a state called Ketosis. In this process, the body begins to use up substances known as the ketone bodies (these are produced as a result of the breakdown of the body triglycerides).


The Science Behind It




Glucose is the first thing that our bodies use up to produce energy. In the Keto diet, the number of carbohydrates consumed goes down and so the amount of glucose available also goes down. In order to fight this, the body uses Glycogen for energy, but that is also limited. Next step would then be to convert the Oxaloacetate in the liver into glucose. Simultaneously, the body is also breaking down fat to give out free fatty acids to send to the liver. This helps in the production of Ketone bodies called the Acetoacetate and 3-Hydroxybutyrate. These are then taken into the Kreb cycle to produce energy. The brain doesn’t distinguish between energy produced by Ketone bodies and glucose so it is a win-win situation!


What Is Keto Flu?




One of the major drawbacks of this diet is what is called the Keto flu. The first three days of the diet are the most difficult because our body is used to a high intake of carbohydrates. For years now, the body is used to the responses and conversion of energy that goes into releasing energy from carbs. The word flu is used because this is probably the time you will want to quit the diet already, as the body will be unable to cope up with the changes and cause a significant amount of reactions. You can feel dizzy, nauseous, have a headache or fever, or simply feel lethargic as your body tries to adapt to the change. Working out and keeping yourself hydrated can help combat the effects of the flu. Another downside of the diet is that getting back to regular diet would mean gaining some of the lost weight. But the amount of weight lost is much more than this and so there is nothing to worry.


The Keto diet is a comparatively new diet, and research is still going on about the advantages and disadvantages of it. Which is why it is required that you be really careful if you mean to attempt it.


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