What Does Your Favourite Drink Say About You?

Drinks as we all know, are the best things to start a conversation all over the world. Think a guy is cute? Ask him out for a drink. Want to get to know your new colleague better? Hit the bar and enjoy a few rounds of beer with him. But, did you know that the drink you order can reveal a thing or two about your personality and probably also the circumstances you are in. Yeah, yeah, bartenders are no less than psychologists, as they can gauge your emotions by the drinks you order. So next time, you wish to get your personality analysis done, all you need to do is hit the bar!




If a beer and a shot is something you like, then you are the kind of person people would love to party with. You totally enjoy dancing and own the dance floor. You know how to enjoy your life to the fullest and never compromise on anything. After all, your choice of drinks shows that you always want to have the best of both worlds. So, if you are a beer and a shot kind of person, well, I would definitely like to party with you! Whenever you say!




Ah, the margarita. Well, the crowd loves you! You are very responsible, almost like a mom on a cruise party, and that’s why people love you. You are classy, smart, and love order and sophistication. You usually like to drink on weeknights and only when there is a moment of celebration. You are a good companion on a heavy night of drinking because you know how to carry your alcohol and also take care of others.




Are you the Tequila on the rocks with lime kind of person? Well, you are the crazy one! Oh, come on, now don’t act like you didn’t know that already. You like to get sloshed and practically like to celebrate every day that ends with Y. Yeah yeah, I can see you smiling slyly. I know you are ready with your party dress and shoes ready to hit the bar.




You are cool, edgy, and probably also artistic if you drink absinthe. Almost every poet, artist, or author has been drinking it for inspiration since eternity. Yes, it is for the rebels, the bohemians, and the misfits. Basically all the cool people but too suave to break the law!




You like your vodka on the rocks?? Well, you are a rockstar! You can handle anything, and when I say anything, I mean anything to get the drink of your choice. The bar is in the middle of the ocean, well no worries, I will swim to get my glass of vodka! The bar is made of ice, no worries again, the vodka will keep me warm. Nothing can stop you from doing anything if your mind is fixated on it. So yeah, you vodka drinker, are you ready to change the world? After drinking, of course!




You like rum? Well, you are a fun-loving person, someone who everyone wants to be around. You are an amazing friend. No seriously, I-want-you-to-be-my-bridesmaid kind of friend. And also, you love flirting with the bartender, and it is because he is probably the only guy you find cute in the bar full of people. You are awesome, celebrate it with rum! And don’t forget to say hello to the bartender. I am sure you won’t 😉




If you drink wine, you are best, and when I say best, I mean hashtag classy and sophisticated. You love literature and can talk about Kafka and Camus at length. You watch French films and use the word bourgeoisie in every sentence just because you can. Also, you probably have a degree in English literature, and I love for everything cultured and refined.




Do you like to order whiskey? Hmmm, let me think. You are a matured soul who loves to spend time reading books and discussing politics. People come to you for wisdom but you don’t have anyone to go to when you need your daily dose of inspiration. But that never bothers you, because you have your bottle of smooth whiskey and a book as your perfect companions.


Now that you know what your personality is like, why not experiment a bit with your favourite drink and spice up your life and your character as well? Also, before I forget, all characters mentioned above are fictitious and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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