Potato 65

An Indian vegetarian appetizer recipe – Potato 65 is a very popular dish from the south of India. The potatoes are marinated in a spicy yoghurt mix, fried till golden brown and sauteed with garlic, curry leaves, green chillies and more of the spicy yoghurt.

Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict

An ultimate English breakfast recipe consisting of toasted bun topped with bacon, poached eggs and a heavenly drizzle of hollandaise sauce. You might want to add this to your Sunday brunch menu.


Afghani Chicken

Afghani chicken is a popular Indian appetizer recipe made of chicken marinated in a rich creamy marinade made with cashew nut paste, cream, lemon juice, cheese and ginger-garlic paste, and then baked to perfection. The dish has a smoky and rich taste.

Sarson Ka Saag Recipe

Sarson Ka Saag

Sarson Ka Saag is a popular dish in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It is traditionally made with mustard leaves, spinach leaves and ghee (clarified butter). Sarson ka Saag is best served with makki ki roti (maize flour roti).


Bread Idli

A delicious Indian appetizer recipe. Bread idli is made with potatoes, curry leaves, onion, mustard seeds, bread, curd, turmeric and chili. It can be had for breakfast or as an appetizer. Bread idli tastes best when served immediately.


Balila – Lebanese Chickpea Salad

Balila, a popular Lebanese chickpea salad recipe, is made with jalapeños, onion, cumin, chickpeas, garlic, tomato and lemon juice. This dish can also be served as a part of an extravagant breakfast.


Rava Breakfast Toast

A delicious Indian breakfast recipe. Rava Breakfast Toast is made with sooji, curd, tomato, onion, capsicum, green chilli, salt, red chilli powder and bread. It is very easy to prepare and makes for a fulfilling breakfast. The Rava Toast can be also be served as an appetizer to your guests.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

A classic French dessert recipe made with eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar. It has a very rich and smooth texture.

Chinese Cucumber Salad

Chinese Cucumber Salad

A refreshing Chinese salad recipe made with cucumbers, red bell peppers, soy sauce, sugar, rice wine vinegar, red pepper flakes and sesame oil. This salad has a sweet, sour and spicy taste. It is best served chilled.


Bibimbap – Korean Mixed Rice with Meat & Vegetables

A famous and delicious Korean mains recipe. Bibimbap is made with lamb, carrots, cucumber, gochujang, soy sauce, spinach, garlic and rice. It is best served hot.