Veg Wheat Pizza

Veg Wheat Pizza is a delicious Italian pizza recipe made with wheat flour, yeast, pizza sauce, cheese and vegetables. Wheat Pizza is easy to cook and making the pizza dough is super simple. Using wheat flour as the base for the pizza dough adds a healthy quotient to the dish and is as delicious as the […]


Pizza Puff Bites

Pizza Puff Bites or some may know it as the famous Pizza McPuff from McDonald’s is a delicious snack recipe made with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and a few vegetables stuffed inside dough pockets and fried until golden brown and cooked. Pizza Puff Bites are easy to cook and tastes like an inside out pizza. […]


Pizza Dosa

Pizza Dosa is a kids special recipe made with all the toppings of a pizza. Pizza Dosa can also be served as a great appetizer for your guests. It is made by spreading out the dosa batter on a tawa and adding chopped vegetables, pizza sauce and cheese on top of the dosa. Pizza Dosa […]


Bread Pizza

An easy and delicious Bread Pizza recipe. Bread Pizza is made with bread slices, cheese, tomato, onion, capsicum, pizza sauce, chilli flakes and oregano. It is easy to prepare and takes just under 30 minutes to cook. It is best served hot.


2 Ways Mini Pizza

These 2 Way Mini Pizzas are so delicious that you would want to make them every day. There is a vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian version. It is simple to prepare and is the ultimate comfort food for your family. The kids the sure to love these so do try this recipe today!


Salami Pizza Sliders

A delicious American slider recipe. Salami Pizza Sliders are a fusion between a slider and a pizza. They are made with buns, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami, butter, garlic, parsley and oregano. They are baked to perfection and tastes best when shared with family and friends.


Pizza Bowls

An indulgent Italian appetizer recipe. Pizza bowls are made with layers of pizza toppings such as pizza sauce, cheese, crushed nachos and a few vegetables. It is baked to perfection and best served hot. The pizza bowls can also be eaten as the main course if served in a bigger portion.

Healthy Pesto Tortilla Pizza

Healthy Pesto Tortilla Pizza

Craving pizza but don’t want to eat anything unhealthy? Try this healthy pesto tortilla pizza loaded with vegetables.

Pokeball Pizza (Pepperoni & Cheese)

Pokeball Pizza (Pepperoni & Cheese)

Pepperoni & cheese pizza, perfect for pokemon themed parties.