Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is an alcoholic drink or cocktail made with vodka, tomato juice, salt, pepper, hot sauce and worcestershire sauce. Bloody Mary drink was originated in England and is popular around the world as a breakfast cocktail. It is sweet, tangy and salty with notes of spices from the hot sauce and worcestershire sauce. Bloody […]


Kashmiri Kahwa

Traditionally, Kahwa is consumed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India. Kashmiri Kahwa is popular in India as it is considered a Kashmiri drink made with tea, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, saffron, nuts and sometimes sugar. Kahwa helps in getting rid of cold and keeps you warm in the winter season. Do try this healthy tea recipe […]


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a delicious hot drink recipe made with milk and hot chocolate powder or cocoa powder. The origins of Hot Chocolate trace back to Mesoamerica. This easy hot chocolate recipe is flavoured with a little bit of cinnamon powder and the addition of marshmallow to this chocolate drink makes it more creamy and […]


Saffron Moroccan Mint Tea

A simple and warming Moroccan tea recipe. Saffron Moroccan Mint Tea is made with water, green tea, saffron syrup and mint leaves. It is the perfect cup of tea for a wintery morning with the goodness of saffron and green tea.


Kesari Sharbat

A refreshing Saffron Sharbat recipe. You just simply mix together crushed ice, saffron sharbat and cold water. Serve the sharbat with ice cubes as a welcome drink to your guests and they are sure to love it.


Kesari Badam Milk

A delicious Badam Milk recipe made with milk, saffron syrup, almonds and pistachios. It is a healthy choice over other drinks and tastes better than any canned badam milk. Do try this recipe today!


Paan Shot

A delicious and refreshing Paan Shot recipe. Paan Shot is a fusion drink which is had as a mouth freshener. It is made using milk, paan leaves, sugar, saunf and gulkand. Do try this amazing recipe today!


Saffron Peach Iced Tea

A refreshing summer drink recipe. Saffron Peach Iced Tea is made with saffron, peach syrup, basil leaves, water, sugar and tea. It is a healthier option to carbonated drinks and feels good on a hot sunny day.


Bloody Mary

A classic vodka based cocktail recipe, ideal for brunches. It is made with tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, worcestershire, tabasco, pepper and vodka. It is best served chilled.


Kiwi Mint Lassi

Kiwi and mint lassi is a refreshing summer drink. It is made with kiwi, mint leaves, curd, black salt, cumin, pepper and ice cubes. The Kiwi mint lassi is very easy to prepare and tastes best when served chilled.