Witch Finger Cookies

These Witch Finger Cookies are a Halloween special recipe. They are made with butter, flour, egg, sugar, vanilla essence, almonds and strawberry jam. These cookies taste delicious and are ideal for trick or treat.


Chocolate Paan

A widely loved mouth-freshener cum dessert recipe. Chocolate Paan is made with paan leaves, gulkand, saunf, coconut and cherry. The paan is then covered with melted chocolate and frozen until set. Chocolate Paan makes for a delicious after-dinner mouth-freshener or it can be served as a dessert.


Saffron Ice Cream Bites

Saffron Ice Cream Bites is an easy to prepare dessert with a chocolate bottom and a creamy and sweet top. There is a combination of different textures and tastes which compliment each other on a different level. Do try this recipe for your loved ones!


Chocolate Mousse

The most popular French dessert recipe. Chocolate Mousse is made with melted chocolate, egg whites, sugar and whipped cream. It is a very light and airy dessert which is easy to prepare and is loved by everyone.


Saffron Oreo Ice Cream

A delicious saffron oreo ice cream recipe. Saffron Oreo Ice Cream is very easy and quick to prepare. It is made with whipping cream, crushed oreos, saffron powder, milk and condensed milk. Do try this amazing recipe today!


Saffron Ice Cream

A delicious and easy Saffron Ice Cream Recipe. Saffron Ice Cream also known as Kesar Ice Cream. It is made using milk, whipping cream, saffron, cornflour and sugar. It is very easy to whip with no ice cream maker required. Do try this recipe today!


Kesari Pista Kulfi

A delicious Indian dessert recipe. Kesari Pista Kulfi is made with saffron powder, pistachios, milk, cream, sugar and cardamom powder. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious when eaten frozen.


Mango Sorbet

An easy Mango Sorbet recipe. It is made with frozen mangoes, lemon juice, mint leaves and sugar. The mango sorbet can be made in just no time and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Instant Rocky Road

A delicious Australian dessert recipe. Instant Rocky Road is made with chocolate, marshmallows, almonds and melted butter. It is very easy to make and tastes delicious when shared with friends and family


Kesari Sooji Rasgulla

A famous Bengali dessert recipe. Kesari Sooji Rasgulla is a twist to the traditional recipe. It is made with milk, sooji, ghee, saffron, sugar and water. It is easy to make and taste delicious when chilled. The Sooji Rasgullas have a very distinct flavour from the traditional ones. Do try these at home!