Kesari Fruit Custard

Kesari Fruit Custard is an Indian dessert recipe loved by everyone. Fruit Custard has got different flavours and textures which make it the best dessert recipe fit for both summers and winters. Custard is prepared using custard powder, milk, sugar and saffron. Seasonal fruits are added to the custard mix and served either at room […]


Aloo Ka Halwa

Aloo Ka Halwa is an easy Indian dessert recipe which is usually eaten during fasting. Aloo Ka Halwa is delicious with only 3 ingredients required to prepare it. All you need to do is saute the mashed potatoes in ghee, mix in sugar and serve hot with a garnish of nuts and saffron. Do try […]


Instant Mango Kalakand

Instant Mango Kalakand is an Indian dessert recipe which is easy to make and tastes delicious when eaten chilled. Mango Kalakand is made with mango puree, mashed paneer, saffron, milk, sugar and almonds. It is the perfect dessert for any occasion or you can make it for regular consumption at home as well. The Kalakand […]


Tri Colour Parfait

Tri Colour Parfait is an Indian Independence Day special dessert recipe. The Parfait boasts of the 3 colours in the Indian flag being saffron – represented by the motichoor ladoo, white – represented by rabri and green represented by kiwi. The dessert in itself is a unique dish and the combination of flavours work really well […]


Kesari Shakkar Pare

Kesari Shakkar Pare or Shakkarpara is a traditional Indian snack cum dessert recipe. Shakkar Pare are deep-fried crunchy pieces of dough dipped in a saffron sugar syrup. The Shakkar Pare are then air dried on a tray until solid and crisp. They are best served with tea in the evening.


Oreo Fries

Oreo Fries or Deep Fried Oreos are just plain Oreos dipped in batter and deep fried until golden brown. These deep-fried Oreo cookies are the perfect dessert for your kids party. They are best served warm dusted with icing sugar.


Fried Chocolate

Deep Fried Chocolate Bars is a popular snack cum dessert in America. Deep fried chocolate bars are simply chocolate bars coated in a simple flour batter and deep fried for a couple of minutes. You can dust these with icing sugar, roll them in cinnamon sugar, serve them with whipped cream or even ice cream. […]


Kesari Sharbat Kulfi

Kesari Sharbat Kulfi is an Indian summer dessert recipe just a like a popsicle. Sharbat Kulfi is a 2 ingredient dessert recipe made with water and saffron syrup. All you need to do is to mix water with the saffron syrup, add the kulfi mix to the moulds and set in the freezer to freeze. […]


Kesari Moong Dal Halwa

Kesari Moong Dal Halwa is a popular Indian dessert recipe eaten during weddings or special occasions. Moong Dal Halwa can also be prepared at home for get-togethers, parties or even as dessert for your family. Do try this delicious recipe and enjoy with family and friends.


Kesari Shahi Toast

Kesari Shahi Toast is a delicious Indian dessert recipe made with milk, nuts, saffron powder, sugar, bread and ghee. Kesari Shahi Toast is a rich and creamy dessert recipe fit for queens and kings. Shahi Toast has different textures and flavours which makes this dessert unique in nature. It is garnished with chopped nuts, saffron […]