Tiramisu Laddu

An absolutely delicious Indian laddu recipe with Italian flavours. Tiramisu Laddu is made with ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, coffee and chocolate. They are easy to prepare and tastes exactly like a Tiramisu but in a new form. The chocolate gives this dish a little crunch and smoothness. They are best served chilled.


Besan Crumble

This Besan Crumble is a unique Indian dessert recipe. It is made with besan, ghee, oil, sugar and milk. The Besan Crumble is layered in a glass like a trifle being besan crumble at the bottom followed by strawberry slices, rabdi, nuts, strawberry jam and saffron strands. Do try this easy-to-follow recipe today.


Christmas Pudding

A classic English Christmas Pudding recipe. This Christmas Pudding is made with flour, butter, brown sugar, eggs, raisins, cinnamon powder and baking powder. The pudding is flavoured with mulled wine plum tea and flambeed using whiskey. Do try the recipe this Christmas!


Easy Orange Pudding

A delicious and easy to prepare Orange Pudding. Easy Orange Pudding is made with orange juice, gelatin, whipped cream and condensed milk. The pudding has a very creamy texture and tastes best when served chilled.


Beetroot Christmas Halwa

This is the ultimate fusion Indian recipe made with beetroot, orange and marshmallows. These ingredients work so well together with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg powder. The Beetroot Christmas Halwa is easy to prepare and is the perfect dessert for the holiday season. Do try this recipe today!


Kesari Crispy Jalebi

A delicious Indian dessert recipe. Kesari Crispy Jalebi is made with a yeast and flour batter which is piped into hot oil to make crispy jalebis. The crispy jalebis are soaked in sweet saffron syrup to give them a nice colour and sweet taste. Do try this recipe today!


Kesari Gulab Jamun

A classic Indian Gulab Jamun recipe made with khoya, flour, baking soda and saffron syrup. It is the perfect dessert for any occasion. The Gulab Jamuns can be eaten chilled in summers or warm in winters. To add a little extra richness to this ultimate dessert, you can eat it with ice cream as well.


Witch Finger Cookies

These Witch Finger Cookies are a Halloween special recipe. They are made with butter, flour, egg, sugar, vanilla essence, almonds and strawberry jam. These cookies taste delicious and are ideal for trick or treat.


Chocolate Paan

A widely loved mouth-freshener cum dessert recipe. Chocolate Paan is made with paan leaves, gulkand, saunf, coconut and cherry. The paan is then covered with melted chocolate and frozen until set. Chocolate Paan makes for a delicious after-dinner mouth-freshener or it can be served as a dessert.


Saffron Ice Cream Bites

Saffron Ice Cream Bites is an easy to prepare dessert with a chocolate bottom and a creamy and sweet top. There is a combination of different textures and tastes which compliment each other on a different level. Do try this recipe for your loved ones!