Seekh Kabab Bites 2 Ways

Seekh Kabab Bites is a new take on the seekh kabab roll. Seekh Kabab Bites are made with a tortilla with mayonnaise and green chutney spread inside. Chicken Seekh is then rolled in the tortilla, cut and put through a wooden skewer. This easy seekh bites recipe can be made in a pan as well as […]


Old Delhi Butter Chicken

Old Delhi Butter Chicken are pieces of chicken tikkas cooked to perfection and tossed with a generous drizzle of butter, cream and chaat masala. This Old Delhi style Butter Chicken is a tradition since decades which has been filling the hungry stomachs of foodies across the globe. This special chicken tikka is succulent, delicate, rich […]


Chicken Skewers

Chicken Skewers is a delicious Greek chicken recipe similar to Chicken Souvlaki. Chicken Skewers is an easy chicken appetizer recipe made with boneless chicken, spices, onion, tomato and capsicum. It is perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers. Do try this easy chicken recipe and enjoy with your family.


Crispy Chicken Noodle Balls

Crispy Chicken Noodle Balls is a Chinese style appetizer recipe which consists of noodles wrapped around minced chicken and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. The chicken is flavoured with salt, pepper, garlic, green onion and soy sauce. It is a quick & easy chicken appetizer recipe best served hot with dipping sauce.


Chicken Party Crackers

Chicken Party Crackers are the perfect bite-sized snack for your next party. Chicken Party Crackers are made with salted crackers topped with a mix of chicken, tomato, onion, corns and capsicum in a mildly spicy and tangy mayonnaise dressing. This easy appetizer can be served at both room temperature and chilled. These Chicken Crackers are […]


Rajasthani Khad Chicken

Rajasthani Khad Chicken or Murgh as you may call it, is a delicacy that the royals use to prepare while in dessert during their hunting trips. Rajasthani Khad Chicken means chicken cooked in a pit. Chicken is first marinated in oil and spices. Roomali roti is then laid out in a cake tin and the […]


Dilli 6 Chicken Fry

Dilli 6 Chicken Fry is a famous Old Delhi style fried chicken recipe. Dilli 6 Chicken Fry is sold at almost every street stall in Jama Masjid and savoured especially during the Ramzan season. It is easy to prepare and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. Do try this special Dilli 6 Chicken […]


Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian is one of most popular Chinese recipes. Chicken Manchurian is a flavourful Chinese Main dish which can be eaten with fried rice or noodles. It is made with minced chicken, green onion, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, cornflour and flour. The Manchurian balls are deep fried and then cooked in a delicious gravy made […]


Butter Chicken Kulcha

Butter Chicken Kulcha is a delicious Indian chicken appetizer recipe. Butter Chicken Kulcha is made by first cooking the butter chicken and sandwiching the butter chicken between kulchas. It is cooked to perfection and best served with leftover butter chicken gravy as a dipping sauce. Do try this mouth-watering recipe and enjoy with family and […]


New York Chicken Rice

New York Chicken Rice is the most popular lunch in New York City. The halal carts in New York serve the best Chicken Rice which you can now cook at the comfort of your home no matter where you are. It is made with chicken marinated in olive oil along with spices and herbs. The […]