Old Delhi Butter Chicken

Old Delhi Butter Chicken are pieces of chicken tikkas cooked to perfection and tossed with a generous drizzle of butter, cream and chaat masala. This Old Delhi style Butter Chicken is a tradition since decades which has been filling the hungry stomachs of foodies across the globe. This special chicken tikka is succulent, delicate, rich […]


Masala Papad Tacos

Masala Papad Tacos is an Indian appetizer recipe made in the style of tacos. A spicy salad mix of tomatoes, bean sprouts, onion, green chillies, coriander, lemon juice and spices is made and filled inside a papad shaped like a taco shell. This masala papad tastes fresh and crunchy with all the right flavours you […]


Honey Chilli Potato

Honey Chilli Potato is a very popular Chinese appetizer dish which is dear to all vegetarians and potato lovers. Honey Chilli Potatoes are made with crispy french fries tossed in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce which leave your taste buds wanting for more. Honey and chilli compliment each other very well and the acidity […]


Masala Macaroni

Masala Macaroni is a delicious Indian-style macaroni recipe which is popularly found at dhabas and roadside stalls. Masala Macaroni is spicy, fulfilling and tastes best when eaten hot with a drizzle of ketchup. It is usually inexpensive to make and takes approximately 30 minutes to cook. If you are hungry and want something quick, this […]


Chicken Skewers

Chicken Skewers is a delicious Greek chicken recipe similar to Chicken Souvlaki. Chicken Skewers is an easy chicken appetizer recipe made with boneless chicken, spices, onion, tomato and capsicum. It is perfect for dinner parties and get-togethers. Do try this easy chicken recipe and enjoy with your family.


Crispy Chicken Noodle Balls

Crispy Chicken Noodle Balls is a Chinese style appetizer recipe which consists of noodles wrapped around minced chicken and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. The chicken is flavoured with salt, pepper, garlic, green onion and soy sauce. It is a quick & easy chicken appetizer recipe best served hot with dipping sauce.


Kesari Shakkar Pare

Kesari Shakkar Pare or Shakkarpara is a traditional Indian snack cum dessert recipe. Shakkar Pare are deep-fried crunchy pieces of dough dipped in a saffron sugar syrup. The Shakkar Pare are then air dried on a tray until solid and crisp. They are best served with tea in the evening.


Gobhi Cutlet

Gobhi Cutlet or Croquette is a bite-sized Indian appetizer recipe. Gobhi Cutlet is made with grated cauliflower, bread, breadcrumbs, cornflour and flour. Cauliflower Cutlet is mildly spiced and is a deep fried Indian snack recipe. Gobhi Cutlet is best served hot with mint chutney and is a perfect evening snack recipe.


Vegetable Pasta Roll

Vegetable Pasta Roll is an all-new exciting Pasta cum appetizer recipe. Vegetable Pasta Roll is elbow shaped pasta cooked in a tomato sauce, stuffed in a flatbread or tortilla along with cheese which is then brushed with garlic-coriander butter and baked for a couple of minutes in the oven until the cheese melts. It is […]


Crunchy Potato Sticks

Crunchy Potato Sticks are a fancy version of the good old fries. Potato Sticks are blanched for 5 minutes, dipped in a batter, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried until golden brown and crispy. These Crispy Potato Sticks are the best kind of french fries you can make. Do try this easy appetizer and your […]