Lal Mirch Pakora is a deep fried-stuffed vegetarian appetizer recipe made using fresh red chillies stuffed with paneer, raisins and spices. It is then dipped in a gram flour or besan batter and deep fried until golden brown and cooked. Mirchi Pakora’s are a famous Indian street-food dish available at local halwai shops throughout the country. These Mirchi Pakora’s are perfectly balanced in taste as the seeds and veins of the chilli are removed to make the chillies less spicy. They are then discarded and stuffed with creamy paneer, sweet raisins and a few spices to lift the flavour profile of the dish. Mirchi Pakoras are best enjoyed during the winters and monsoon season. You can make these pakoras for high tea or serve them as a snack to your family and friends.