Baingan Masala or Brinjal Curry is a delicious and spicy Indian curry recipe made with small brinjals or eggplants and lots of different spices. Stuffed Baingan Masala is something that you don’t get at your regular restaurant. To make this stuffed baingan curry, you need to saute together, onion, whole garlic, ginger, cloves, dry red chillies, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, desiccated coconut and poppy seeds or khus khus in a little oil, grind this masala into a paste, mix with red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder and chopped coriander. Stuff the masala between the brinjals and saute in oil along with mustard & cumin seeds. Add the remaining masala to the oil, add water and cook until the eggplants become tender. Baingan Masala is best served with steamed rice or roti.