Quick DIY Meals

Love the weather? We have the dish! So many times, the weather outside your window governs what you feel like eating at that point of time. But alas! How to toss up stuff in a jiffy! Let’s explore…

Cardinal rule here; recognize that this is an ‘out of the blue’ pang so what you basically feel like eating is not a particular dish, but something like it. So on a rainy day, if not exactly fritters, even piping hot bread rolls will do. So it’s always about sorting your choices out.


For The Cold Winter Night




Agreed you are in the mood for a sizzling hot gravy to dip your bread into. Now stirring up a gravy on a whim, that too when it’s cold is a tall call. So recognize that here the craving is for something hot and spicy. Our quick fix: salamis done up in butter and then the bread done up with oodles of butter! So basically crispy bread, a bed of salamis, generous helpings of cheese and then more than generous helping of paprika. Go on repeat mode and create your triple decker sandwich. Vegan can replace salamis with tomatoes. Be sure to keep the sandwich on the pan till the cheese starts to melt and pour. Slurrrrp!


For The Sunday Afternoon Drench




So when was the last time you kicked your shoes and got soaked up in the rain? By the way, it’s one of the best things you can do to yourself. But after that, you don’t really want to look at the kitchen! Our quick fix:  Whisk up a batter of besan (Gram Flour); you will recognize it by the yellow colour. So it’s gram flour, salt, red chilli powder and water to make a batter, say resembling the consistency of the French toast batter. And then you do exactly what you do for a French toast. Dip the bread in the batter and a two-minute cook in the pan. Simple bread fritters that India loves to gorge on to, on rainy days. Have with tomato ketchup, sit by the glass window, whisk up strong coffee and don’t forget the book!


For The Sniffles




So you are home alone and the sniffles have attacked. Stuffy, runny noses are a pain to deal with and even though Chicken soup is best at a time like this, you simply have no stamina to pick up the ladle! My dear friend, the only ray of hope here are your two-minute noodles. So go for it! Make it extra soupy, so you have some soup flowing through your system. You can make it filling by adding in chopped sausages and or pre-cut veggies while the noodles are boiling. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder; no taste and great healing properties. Done!

Tiny, little fixes but good enough to see you through on those whimsical days. And for the days when you are completely tired and brain fried? Don’t bother…just order out!


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