Find Out How Fat Is Good For Health

“Fat”! As soon as the word is mentioned, our mind instantly forms an image of junk food or food with lots of oil. Well, what if the most feared word can be something good? What if I tell you that fat can be good and not necessarily lead to obesity? What most of us forget is that our bodies need fat for survival and functioning. The problem lies in the incomplete knowledge and the belief in the popular myth that low-fat high carb diets are good, but in a seven-year study that was conducted, the results were quite different. Women who consumed low-fat and high carb diet did not lose much weight and were no less prone to diseases on the other hand women who consumed high fat and low carb diet not only lost weight but the levels of bad cholesterol also went down drastically. Here is a list of few fats that lie in the list of “good fats” and are beneficial for the body.






These are one of the healthiest fruits present. These green fruits contain monounsaturated fats; these fats are responsible for increasing the level of good cholesterol in our bodies. But, the benefits of this fruit do not stop at this. The fruit is a great source of vitamin E which helps the body in fighting the free radicals and preventing them from harming the body.






Yes, you read that right! Butter is a good fat. Although it is the victim of the war against fat, it still comes in the category of good fat. Organic butter that is not vegetable oil based is what we are talking about here. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the fatty acids that are found in butter which helps the brain to function properly. But, the thing to know here is that these 2 fatty acids are essential for the body but the body cannot produce them.


Coconut Oil




Well, this is one of the oils which can be used in any way it will always be beneficial, use it for your skin, on your hair or for cooking, each will only deliver benefits. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fats, these fats are quite easy for the body to digest and are easier for the body to store in the form of fat. The high amount of natural saturated fats helps the body in fighting bad cholesterol.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil




The benefits of olive oil are so acute that it should be included in every diet. The first and foremost benefit it provides is heart health. In a study, it was stated that by including olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, the risk of heart attack or heart diseases reduced significantly. The presence of antioxidants in bulk prevents cell damage.






Omega-3 fatty acids are not something that is known by the masses but still, it has quite a significant place in our body functioning. The most important thing to be known is that it is one of the fats that our bodies are incapable of producing so including it in our diets become even more important. The deficiency of this fat can cause poor brain development, joint pain, depression and many more problems. Omega – 3 can be found in food products like walnuts, flaxseed, fish and many more. Just make sure that there is an element which contains omega-3 in your diet.


So, next time someone tells you anything about fat just don’t jump to conclusions and check the facts. Everything consumed in extreme is always bad for health but just the right quantity can never be harmful. So don’t get scared of the F word anymore, eat healthy stay healthy.


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