Feijao A Portuguesa - Portuguese Bean Stew Recipe

Feijao A Portuguesa – Portuguese Bean Stew

A tangy and spicy Portuguese bean stew recipe made with white beans, chorizo and bacon. The stew has a mildly spicy and smoky flavour.

Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde – Portuguese Green Soup

A potato based soup with chorizo slices and kale flavoured with onion and garlic.

Arroz De Pato

Arroz De Pato – Portuguese Duck Rice

Tender pieces of duck layered between rice and and topped with sliced chorizo sausage baked to perfection.

Arroz De Marisco

Arroz De Marisco – Portuguese Seafood Rice

Portuguese rice dish with assorted seafood in a tomato and beer gravy.

Sopa De Tomate

Sopa De Tomate – Portuguese Tomato Soup

A rich tomato soup with a bread slice at the bottom of the bowl and a poached egg on top.

Camarao Mozambique

Camarao Mozambique – Portuguese Style Shrimps

Shrimps cooked in red wine sauce flavoured with butter, garlic, turmeric powder and shallots. Best served with steamed rice.

Croquetes de Langosta - Portuguese Lobster Croquettes

Croquetes de Langosta – Portuguese Lobster Croquettes

Portuguese fried breadcrumbed balls filled with lobster and other flavourful ingredients making it crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Bacalhau A Ze Do Pipo

Bacalhau A Ze Do Pipo – Baked Cod Fish

Baked salt cod in a creamy mayonnaise mixture layered with mashed potatoes and garnished with olives.

Bolinhos De Bacalhau

Bolinhos De Bacalhau – Salt Cod Fritters

Portuguese deep fried salt cod and potato fritters with the freshness of coriander and lemon.



Salt cod layered with onions & potatoes and baked to perfection.