Vanilla Cupcakes

A popular dessert recipe around the world. Vanilla cupcakes are made with flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, chocolate chips, eggs and baking soda. They are delicious to eat and is the most basic recipe of them all.


Apple Cinnamon Cake

A delicious and easy Dessert recipe. Apple cinnamon cake is made with eggs, apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, flour and oil. It is baked to perfection and tastes best when cooled.


Sausage Egg Boats

A fulfilling breakfast recipe. Sausage egg boats are made with cored baguettes, eggs, cream, cheese, green onion, chilli flakes and garlic powder. They are baked to perfection and makes for a good snack option too.


Tripple Chocolate Brownies

A delicious American dessert recipe. Tripple chocolate brownies are made with flour, eggs, chocolate, butter, sugar and chocolate chips. They are very easy to prepare and taste delicious when served with vanilla ice cream.


Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies

A delicious oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies recipe. It is made with butter, oats, sugar, eggs, flour, chocolate chips and raisins. The oatmeal cookies are easy to make and tastes better than anything you get in the cafes. Do give this a try.


Eggless No Bake Cheesecake

A popular and delicious dessert recipe. Eggless no bake cheesecake is made with cream cheese, condensed milk, cake rusk, butter, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla essence. It is a vegetarian cheesecake and tastes best when served chilled.


Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

A delicious sandwich recipe. Grilled ham & cheese sandwich is made with large slices of bread, cheese slice, pork ham, mozzarella cheese, barbeque sauce, cayenne pepper and lots of butter. It is grilled to perfection in a pan and tastes best with more barbeque sauce.


Cinnamon Rolls

A globally popular dessert recipe. Cinnamon rolls are made of a yeast dough filled with sugar and cinnamon. They are baked to perfection and glazed with a sugar glaze.


Bacon Jam

A delicious bacon jam recipe. It is a bacon relish made with onions, brown sugar, bacon, garlic and vinegar. The onions are slow cooked in bacon fat, until caramelized. It is sweet & salty and taste best with sandwiches, burgers and wraps.


Baklava is a traditional Turkish dessert recipe. It is made by rolling thin sheets of dough and layering them in a pan with a filling of walnuts. Baklava is baked to perfection and is sweetened with sugar syrup. It has a very crunchy texture and a rich taste.