Tomato Basil Spaghetti

A traditional Italian spaghetti recipe. Tomato Basil Spaghetti is made with tomato, onion, garlic, spaghetti and oregano. It is an authentic recipe which is super simple to make.


Easy Vegetable Pasta

An easy white sauce pasta recipe. Vegetable Pasta is prepared in a white sauce which is seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and oregano. The recipe also includes a variety of vegetables like broccoli, red bell pepper, mushrooms, green beans and olives. Basil is added to the pasta at the end to give it a […]


Easy Crispy Corns

An easy Italian-style appetizer recipe. Crispy corns are made with boiled corns, cornflour, flour, green onion, garlic, red bell pepper, oregano, chilli flakes and balsamic vinegar. They are crispy in texture and tastes best when consumed hot.


Cheesy Garlic Bread

A popular Italian appetizer recipe around the world. Cheesy Garlic Bread is made with bread slices, cheese, garlic, butter, oregano and chilli flakes. It is super easy to make and tastes exactly like the one from a restaurant.


Pizza Bowls

An indulgent Italian appetizer recipe. Pizza bowls are made with layers of pizza toppings such as pizza sauce, cheese, crushed nachos and a few vegetables. It is baked to perfection and best served hot. The pizza bowls can also be eaten as the main course if served in a bigger portion.


Italian Meatballs

A delicious Italian mains recipe. Italian meatballs are made with lamb, pork, eggs, onion, garlic, herbs, cheese, parsley and breadcrumbs. They are baked to perfection and are best served with marinara sauce and spaghetti.


Vegetable Lasagne

A popular Italian pasta recipe. Vegetable lasagne is made with bechamel sauce, tomato sauce, vegetables, lasagne sheets and cheese. It is baked to perfection and perfect for an indulgent dinner.



A delicious Italian dessert recipe. Biscotti is made with flour, eggs, almonds, sugar and oil. It can be eaten as is or with milk, tea and coffee.


Cheese & Tomato Panini

A popular Italian panini recipe. Cheese and tomato panini is made with basil, oregano, butter, tomato, panini bread and mozzarella cheese. It is very easy to make and takes only a few minutes to prepare.

Ravioli in Tomato Basil Sauce

A classic Italian pasta recipe. Ravioli is made of a soft dough filled with spinach, cheese and chives. It is served with a classic tomato and basil sauce and garnished with parmesan cheese.