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The sudden rise in heart attacks and heart-related ailments over the last few decades has led reluctant people to sit up and take note of their diet. Eliminating favourite foods that are bad for the heart has been the hardest part for most folks. The thought of the responsibilities they have and the support of […]


There is a growing awareness about the wax coating on fruit and vegetables. Now that the information has come to light, people are showing concern with regard to eating the peel with the wax coating. Some people prefer to discard the peel in an attempt to avoid consuming the wax coating. In fruits like apples, […]


Turmeric has excellent properties that are very beneficial for health. It is high in antioxidants and well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Let us explore some of the health benefits and what difference it can make to your body.    Protects Against Cancer – The strong antioxidant property of turmeric keeps your body healthy and […]


So you run a packed schedule and there is absolutely no time to indulge in elaborate health regimes? Sorry people, this excuse won’t work anymore. Here are five quick fixes for you, so that busy scheds do not become the reason for you to slack back!   Apple Cider Vinegar     I swear by […]


Veganism is a trend that has been fast catching up all around the world, but vegetarianism, at least in India, has been around since ages. While all vegans are vegetarians, not all vegetarians are vegans. First, let us identify and classify the different kinds of vegetarians that exist in this world.        Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians: Vegetarians […]


Proteins are the building blocks of life. That’s why our teachers and our parents used to lay so much stress on consuming protein-rich foods. It was mentioned in our textbooks that eggs and meats are a good source of protein, which gave us an impression that the vegetarians do not get enough proteins. Well, this […]


Ginger is a rhizome with miraculous properties that is very beneficial to human health. It has a taste that doesn’t really fall into any particular category with a tinge of spice and traces of sourness. Ginger contains resins, glycosides, volatile oils and mucilage.     Ginger was originally used in Europe as a tonic to […]


“Fat”! As soon as the word is mentioned, our mind instantly forms an image of junk food or food with lots of oil. Well, what if the most feared word can be something good? What if I tell you that fat can be good and not necessarily lead to obesity? What most of us forget […]


Are you health conscious? If yes, then this amazing drink totally deserves your attention. Green tea has been categorized as a super drink, and it totally does justice to this title. Green tea is loaded with health benefits that are usually unknown to people. It has many benefits than just helping you shed those extra […]


As the chilly breeze brings us the bone freezing winters, food comes to our rescue. Just the sweaters won’t do the job of keeping you warm, you need something much more. The inner strength of the body is absolutely necessary to fight the cold as well as the various diseases that come with it. Here […]