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There are a number of diet plans on the internet that claim to make you lose weight in an unimaginably small amount of time. And that is probably the charm of them. However, most of these diets tell you what to eat and what to avoid eating, but a lot of them don’t work and […]


A majority of the world’s population drink sodas or aerated cold drinks. There is a huge market for these products and it is easily available even in remote areas. Soft drinks are the most popular drink and the major share of the beverage market is controlled by the cold drinks industries. The question arises as […]


Turmeric milk is a concoction derived from the age of Ayurveda science. Down the ages, turmeric milk has been administered to people who are sick and combatting a major illness. The introduction of modern medicine has resulted in Ayurveda and age old traditional remedies taking a backseat. Turmeric is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is given […]


There have been many rumours and myths associated with alcoholic drinks. These rumours touch on the ill effects of alcohol on the human body in general and extend to the calorie count. However, none of these have deterred those who like to drink.   At one time, it was believed that alcohol aided slimming by […]


Too much water good for your skin; too much water bad for your kidneys. Apple Cider good for detox; apple cider bad for teeth enamel. Milk with proteins – tasty or taboo? In a world full of tempting options to dig into, unsubstantiated food myths can be party poopers. Let’s get rid of them.   […]


It’s nice to be rich! But it’s even better to be wealthy. And guess what, you don’t need the moolah to be a wealthy billionaire…just a heart of Gold will do! Folks welcome to the world of food banking: a  pathbreaking concept that is catching momentum in different Indian cities and helping turn lives around. […]


What is the key to making a good recipe? Well, most people believe it is the quality of the ingredients, and also the quantity in which they are used. But while focusing on the fancier ingredients, we tend to overlook one thing that can make or break a recipe. Salt! Yes, the humble salt, that […]


We are all in for nature’s cure…100% but may we remind you that natural products can be pretty strong too and it’s good to get your facts in place before you get started. So here it goes…   Neem     The best of them all and the most potent one! Skin infection, diabetes, weight […]

The age old adage is no longer taken at face value. Are apples really a wonder fruit? Is it really packed with antioxidants and nutrients?   We have to accept that most of the sayings that originated before the modern age have a great deal of depth and truth behind them. In recent times there […]


Feeling heavy in the tummy?…pop in a pill. Got a cough?…drink that syrup. A cut from the knife?…smear that antiseptic endlessly. STOP!! Reach out to that jar in your kitchen, connect with the bounties of nature and see it nurture you back to health, with no side effects! We tell you how.   Common Cuts: […]