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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, second only to tea. Coffee is grown in many different parts of the world and each region produces its own unique speciality. The taste and flavour of coffee varies based on the soil, climate and the region. Some areas produce coffee with a better […]


Finally, she said yes and you have a date. Oh! Six months training programme in Zurich?  Emotions in control, etiquettes in place…oops! What’s that on the menu? Looks tempting, but how do I pronounce it? We tell you the right food pronunciations…   Bruschetta: Broo-sket-ah     Simply put, slices of bread boasting of finger […]


It’s no doubt that India is a place full of foodies; it is the place where people love food and drooling over it! It is also the place where people, in order to satiate their hunger, infuse some craziness to their meals and create what we can call ‘a food adventure’. So, what are some […]


There are some places that are just so compelling with the wide assortment of food you’ve never even imagined before. This goes for Marrakech with crowded markets and irresistibly tempting food. They say if you really want to learn about a place and its culture, you must try the street food.   Tagine Cooking   […]


“The more the better”! The saying is quite literally taken by many restaurants in the world. Many restaurants offer their signature dishes in an amount that is impossible to eat or should be impossible to eat. The finishing of these dishes is followed by some prizes. So are you a foodie? Are you ready to […]


How to cure a hangover? The global palette for those inebriated nights.   Everyone around the world loves to party once in a while; yes that one day in a week or ten days where you wish to lose your inhibitions and party like crazy. Yay, sounds awesome, right? Well, the night goes fantastic but […]


Nothing can beat the scrumptious street food of Delhi. The smell of potato patty topped with yogurt and tasty, tangy chutneys. Even the brands cannot beat the Dilli chaat walas. But as it is said that every field has some masters. Well, this one also does have a few who will make you lick your […]


90’s was a period of new things. All the crazy shaped candy; new kinds of snacks were being introduced in the market. All the kids that were born in that period have n number of memories. We all remember the cigarette shaped candy or the candy that was wearable as a ring. The memories seem […]


Goa, locals love it, tourists love it all the more! So I decided to draw up a list of the Five Best Restaurants of Goa…so when you visit this enchanted land, you know exactly where to go. So here it goes…     Maracas, Porvorim: Streams of lights, black & white interiors & ‘sophistication meets […]


The Tibetan butter tea is made with Yaks milk and called po cha. People believe it is an acquired taste but when you are chilled to the bone in the cold, the po cha is very welcoming. Somehow, the look of butter floating on the tea gives you a warm and cosy feeling. The Chinese […]