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So ladies & gentlemen, it’s time for some candid admission. I’m sitting down at this nice cafe and staring at the menu card trying to figure out what a Raclette is, when a skillet pops up on the other side of the page. Unable to decode Da Vinci’s world I decide upon a Four Seasons […]

It’s time to bring in the cool blues and pristine whites of Greece into our kitchens. From eggplant dips to melt in your mouth chicken preparations, from the famed Moussaka to the oh so tasty! Courgette Balls. Let’s go Greece!   Moussaka     While we are at it, let’s start with the king himself! […]


Drinks as we all know, are the best things to start a conversation all over the world. Think a guy is cute? Ask him out for a drink. Want to get to know your new colleague better? Hit the bar and enjoy a few rounds of beer with him. But, did you know that the […]


India is known for its culinary vastness. And complementing the amazing array of starters and main courses, are desserts. A quick low down on some of the best places to satiate your sweet tooth, in India.   Kulfi in Delhi     Starting with the most exciting food capital of the world, we were spoilt […]


Whiskey is a very popular alcoholic beverage and consumed almost all over the world. To really enjoy the flavour, most people prefer to drink it either ‘neat’ or ‘on the rocks’. Alternately, people also have their whiskey with water or soda. A few folks dare to drink this refined alcoholic beverage as a cocktail mixture […]


There is a saying when it comes to food, that you eat half your food with your eyes. One may not agree especially the foodie inside you who claims to try everything but as a matter of fact, colour of the food does matter.  This is how it works: your tongue has four different flavours […]

There is nothing more comforting than a hearty breakfast. Whether it is a waffle with blueberries and cream, or a lavish spread of delectable paranthas, each breakfast is special in its own way. Irrespective of what time zone you wake up in, a wholesome breakfast is something you would never say no to. But, do […]


Wine is a very common meal accompaniment especially in the western countries and is catching on in Asia as well. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes and the flavour of the wine varies as per the region where the grapes are grown. Each location has its own style of making wine and this […]


As with every old tradition, there are some peculiar foods that we can associate with the UK. Some of them have a history and some are just so old that the history cannot be traced. There are a number of vegetables and food that are found only in the UK. They may be varieties of […]


A sauce to some people is a meal accompaniment and to others, it is a taste enhancer. Each culture has their own unique type of sauce that compliments their cuisine. Every part of the world has its own recipe and style of making sauce. It is truly interesting to note that each part of the […]