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This party season, let’s do things differently. Let’s keep it a simple and grand affair! Let’s keep ‘easy to make’ dishes, let’s bring in food from across the globe. No, we are not drunk (not yet!). A low down on dishes & their off takes from various countries that can be tossed up in your […]


So last weekend, my 11-year-old niece announced she’s playing master chef and we’re all invited! After mulling over choices (which had to be a blend of safety & adventure by the way!), we zeroed down on pizzas! So in came the pepperoni and the sausages and the cheese and the sauce. The fact that baking […]


The baggage that comes with the love of cooking is cleaning. Cleaning is a task that requires more patience than anything else. But what if I tell you there is an easier way to keep your kitchen spotless and cook at the same time? So, here are some hacks that will save you a lot […]


What is your favourite comfort meal? I love digging into fried chicken when I am hungry, sad, or lonely. The aroma, the spices, and the unparalleled feeling of biting into one of the juicy pieces is something that cannot be described in words. I am sure, all of us who consume and love non-veg like […]


Come Christmas and it’s time for cozy tidings, warm fires, Christmas trees & tasty treats! While I’m sure you have your feast sorted for the Christmas Eve dinner, but what about desserts? Nah! Not the regular stuff…let’s explore something exciting this Christmas.   Dessert Jars     A super exciting option this party season, dessert […]


Cooking is just like playing an instrument if you don’t know how to read the notes you won’t be able to play. The same happens with the terminology of cooking, most people fall short of words when explaining or reading a recipe. But don’t worry, here is your guide to some basic cooking terminologies that […]

Bacon is something that most people just cannot resist. Even those who would rather avoid pork make an exception for bacon. Bacon is made only from pork and no other meat comes even close to it. Bacon is pork cured with salt. So, if you are wondering why bacon is always salty, it is because […]


A cold January night. The air outside carries the chill, while you sit down for a warm, cozy meal with your family. On a day like this, there is nothing better and more soul soothing than a wholesome platter. Let me tell you how to tempt it up!   Continental Drift This one’s my all-time […]


Love the weather? We have the dish! So many times, the weather outside your window governs what you feel like eating at that point of time. But alas! How to toss up stuff in a jiffy! Let’s explore… Cardinal rule here; recognize that this is an ‘out of the blue’ pang so what you basically […]


Most people prefer to buy the fresh shrimp rather than the frozen shrimp packets. The ideology behind this is the fact that when something is packaged and frozen it has been done a while back and hence must not be as fresh as the unfrozen shrimp that is being sold at the counter. It makes […]