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A cold January night. The air outside carries the chill, while you sit down for a warm, cozy meal with your family. On a day like this, there is nothing better and more soul soothing than a wholesome platter. Let me tell you how to tempt it up!   Continental Drift This one’s my all-time […]


Love the weather? We have the dish! So many times, the weather outside your window governs what you feel like eating at that point of time. But alas! How to toss up stuff in a jiffy! Let’s explore… Cardinal rule here; recognize that this is an ‘out of the blue’ pang so what you basically […]


Most people prefer to buy the fresh shrimp rather than the frozen shrimp packets. The ideology behind this is the fact that when something is packaged and frozen it has been done a while back and hence must not be as fresh as the unfrozen shrimp that is being sold at the counter. It makes […]


Yoghurt is considered one of the best forms of dairy.  It is an excellent option for people who do not like to drink milk in its original form but would like to partake of its health benefits. Many lactose intolerant people choose yoghurt as their preferred form of dairy.   Making Yogurt Yoghurt is one […]


Identifying ripe fruits and vegetables is an art, but it can be learned easily. Initially, it may require a bit of practice, but soon it will come naturally to you if you will just make a conscious effort.   The Secret To Selecting The Freshest Fruits and Vegetables If you want fresh and ripe fruits […]


Congratulations fellow foodies! The war between taste & health has finally ended. And the winner is…….well, both! Now ain’t that lovely! Indulge in your favourite foods guilt free…yes, Santa finally granted you your wish! He tells you how.   Kuboos     Let’s be honest, they taste good only when made from all purpose flour. […]


Do you love baking cakes as much as eating them? And do you just adore inviting people over for lunch or dinner and mesmerizing them with your culinary skills? Do you enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread and wish to do the same at your home? Well, don’t worry. We have some amazing tips […]


When apples are cut and kept out for a while, they tend to get discoloured. They start becoming brownish in colour. The longer it is out, the darker the brown colour becomes. This is not exactly a pretty sight but don’t worry, the apple has not gone bad. When apples are cut the enzymes in […]


Salads are healthy, salads are life-giving, salads are a weight watcher’s best friend. But then, salads are predictable, salads are boring and salads are no fun! Not anymore…let’s steam up things…   Barbecued: Try it out. Generous portions of celery, iceberg lettuce, steamed broccoli, mushrooms and chunks of hot tandoori chicken. Gently sprinkle salt & […]


We all love it…at least I do. When I’m happy, when I’m sad, just when I’m embarking on a new diet, just when I’ve achieved my ideal weight when I want to party, when I want to be left alone. I love ice creams. And I guess it’s time we make it adventurous. Let’s try […]