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There is a growing awareness about the wax coating on fruit and vegetables. Now that the information has come to light, people are showing concern with regard to eating the peel with the wax coating. Some people prefer to discard the peel in an attempt to avoid consuming the wax coating. In fruits like apples, […]


Turmeric has excellent properties that are very beneficial for health. It is high in antioxidants and well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Let us explore some of the health benefits and what difference it can make to your body.    Protects Against Cancer – The strong antioxidant property of turmeric keeps your body healthy and […]


So last weekend, my 11-year-old niece announced she’s playing master chef and we’re all invited! After mulling over choices (which had to be a blend of safety & adventure by the way!), we zeroed down on pizzas! So in came the pepperoni and the sausages and the cheese and the sauce. The fact that baking […]


So you run a packed schedule and there is absolutely no time to indulge in elaborate health regimes? Sorry people, this excuse won’t work anymore. Here are five quick fixes for you, so that busy scheds do not become the reason for you to slack back!   Apple Cider Vinegar     I swear by […]


Formal Sit Down dining affairs can be quite an experience. For some, they can be a “very well in taste affair” while for some, it could be like Karma getting back! But seriously guys, it’s not that big a deal. And once you learn the basics, it’s actually nice! So in the true princely fashion…presenting […]


I’ve run out of fuel, while India continues to go strong on with its varied street food. So here I am, giving you some of India’s best street foods. Here we go…   Indore     The city’s name hardly comes up when street food is discussed. It was thus a surprise to learn that […]


So ladies & gentlemen, it’s time for some candid admission. I’m sitting down at this nice cafe and staring at the menu card trying to figure out what a Raclette is, when a skillet pops up on the other side of the page. Unable to decode Da Vinci’s world I decide upon a Four Seasons […]

It’s time to bring in the cool blues and pristine whites of Greece into our kitchens. From eggplant dips to melt in your mouth chicken preparations, from the famed Moussaka to the oh so tasty! Courgette Balls. Let’s go Greece!   Moussaka     While we are at it, let’s start with the king himself! […]


The baggage that comes with the love of cooking is cleaning. Cleaning is a task that requires more patience than anything else. But what if I tell you there is an easier way to keep your kitchen spotless and cook at the same time? So, here are some hacks that will save you a lot […]


Drinks as we all know, are the best things to start a conversation all over the world. Think a guy is cute? Ask him out for a drink. Want to get to know your new colleague better? Hit the bar and enjoy a few rounds of beer with him. But, did you know that the […]