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Ziferblat Café - Charging For The Time, Not The Food Blog

Ziferblat literally means free space. The whole idea of a Ziferblat café is that whenever you go to any of these places, everything inside is free, except for the time you spend there; the café charges its customers per minute. It’s a place where you can sit and do your work, or simply relax and […]

Try Something New the Next Time You Barbecue Blog

I’m not a fan of winters. Not at all! All that talk about Delhites loving winters makes absolutely no sense to me! One of my favourite ways to deal with the winter is….drumroll….barbecueing. Who doesn’t like a good barbecue on a cold winter night. This winter, I wanted to make the barbecue a little more […]

Origins of Your 3 Favourite Dishes Blog

Kakori Kabab, Shahjahani Korma, Galawti kabab…amazing dishes with amusing names. Ever wondered where these names came from? Read on, for their origins are as tasteful as the dishes themselves.   Kakori Kabab: It was admist the rustic settings of colonised India, when Nawab Syed Mohammad Haidar Kazmi of Kakori (a small hamlet on the outskirts […]