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The sudden rise in heart attacks and heart-related ailments over the last few decades has led reluctant people to sit up and take note of their diet. Eliminating favourite foods that are bad for the heart has been the hardest part for most folks. The thought of the responsibilities they have and the support of […]


So you call yourself a wine-enthusiast? Then, I am sure you’d know what ice wines are? Well, emmm, yes? No? If you do, then well and good, but for those who are not acquainted with the term, ice wine is wine made from grapes that have been left to freeze naturally on the vine. Yes, […]


In my personal experience, every time I have watched the movie Chef, I’ve landed up in the kitchen; inspired and cooking! So, let’s make the group bigger…I bring you the best foodie movies of all times!   The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)     Helen Mirren, Om Puri, lots of yummy food & the beautiful […]


So you love to pack your bags & set off to explore the world? I’m sure you are busy checking out the grub scene at every place you travel to. But what about the liquids? Here is checking out the scene for fluids…   UK & Germany     So, it was on a cold […]


Got a job that makes you travel? Or you are one of those lucky creatures who is best termed as whimsical travellers. Well, while you are on the go, do walk into these restaurants that have lots more to offer other than just food.   Canada     The Signs Restaurant in Canada boasts of […]


I love air travel.  And at the risk of sounding like the black sheep of the foodie community, I’d still say, I like airline food. I still get excited when the trays come in…waiting to explore what’s underneath the foil. Here is what goes into making your meals taste delicious in the sky…and here is […]


So you make it a point to check out the local cuisine and as soon as you hit a new place? The best steak, best curry, best tacos, best seafood…hey! What about the best sweets? Here is what you need to try…   Natas from Portugal     This extremely popular dessert from the land […]


Clothes: check, tickets: check, currency: check, menu card: ??? Traveling out to explore a new land? Let’s give you a hand at getting a taste of the place. What to eat, where & why? What: Indian Specialities Where: London, yes!:  While in London, try the Jacket potatoes & travel to Brighton for the beach, the […]


India is a land of diversities and in a country where every cuisine is stuff that legends are made up of, the best way to experience the diversity of tastes is to indulge in a thali. We get you the best of the best…   Rajasthani Thali     Rajasthan is practically synonymous with the […]


This party season, let’s do things differently. Let’s keep it a simple and grand affair! Let’s keep ‘easy to make’ dishes, let’s bring in food from across the globe. No, we are not drunk (not yet!). A low down on dishes & their off takes from various countries that can be tossed up in your […]