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“Fat”! As soon as the word is mentioned, our mind instantly forms an image of junk food or food with lots of oil. Well, what if the most feared word can be something good? What if I tell you that fat can be good and not necessarily lead to obesity? What most of us forget […]


Are you health conscious? If yes, then this amazing drink totally deserves your attention. Green tea has been categorized as a super drink, and it totally does justice to this title. Green tea is loaded with health benefits that are usually unknown to people. It has many benefits than just helping you shed those extra […]


As the chilly breeze brings us the bone freezing winters, food comes to our rescue. Just the sweaters won’t do the job of keeping you warm, you need something much more. The inner strength of the body is absolutely necessary to fight the cold as well as the various diseases that come with it. Here […]


Come Christmas and it’s time for cozy tidings, warm fires, Christmas trees & tasty treats! While I’m sure you have your feast sorted for the Christmas Eve dinner, but what about desserts? Nah! Not the regular stuff…let’s explore something exciting this Christmas.   Dessert Jars     A super exciting option this party season, dessert […]


If you are what you eat, you might as well eat something good! Nice line…not mine! Read it somewhere, but it made a lot of sense you see. And it stirred up a thought…what my mom always says. Cooking is less about what’s simmering in the pan and more about what’s going on in your […]


Cooking is just like playing an instrument if you don’t know how to read the notes you won’t be able to play. The same happens with the terminology of cooking, most people fall short of words when explaining or reading a recipe. But don’t worry, here is your guide to some basic cooking terminologies that […]


India is known for its culinary vastness. And complementing the amazing array of starters and main courses, are desserts. A quick low down on some of the best places to satiate your sweet tooth, in India.   Kulfi in Delhi     Starting with the most exciting food capital of the world, we were spoilt […]

Bacon is something that most people just cannot resist. Even those who would rather avoid pork make an exception for bacon. Bacon is made only from pork and no other meat comes even close to it. Bacon is pork cured with salt. So, if you are wondering why bacon is always salty, it is because […]


It’s interesting how casual conversations can sometimes be the turning point in your life. A casual conversation with a friend who happens to be a fitness freak, proved to be one such turning point when we got to discussing vegetable juices, chlorophyll and the greens! One fact led to another and lots of these inspired […]


A cold January night. The air outside carries the chill, while you sit down for a warm, cozy meal with your family. On a day like this, there is nothing better and more soul soothing than a wholesome platter. Let me tell you how to tempt it up!   Continental Drift This one’s my all-time […]