6 Movies Every Foodie Must Watch

In my personal experience, every time I have watched the movie Chef, I’ve landed up in the kitchen; inspired and cooking! So, let’s make the group bigger…I bring you the best foodie movies of all times!


The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)




Helen Mirren, Om Puri, lots of yummy food & the beautiful French countryside! A story of an Indian family who opens up an Indian sit down right opposite Helen Mirren’s Michelin starred restaurant. An amazing story of how food could bond and bring arch-rivals to accept and love each other.  A beautiful tale about discovering your inner talent and discovering love in the most unlikely places!


Mostly Martha (2001)




A love story that is whisked up & simmered in the kitchen, garnished with lots of love! A beautiful and inspiring story about a sous chef who discovers, in the face of everything falling apart, that food is her true love. You take a journey along with the protagonist who finds balance in her life through food. Feast for the eyes. treat for the heart!


The Secret of the Grain (2007)




A tale of life, food, relationships and understanding. A whirlwind of a story about one man, his children, their spouses & babies, his ex-wife, his girlfriend, her daughter and his friends…all come together to create a movie of a lifetime. An involving story about how food can heal & unite; a deep journey into understanding life as we know it. You can whip up magic in the kitchen!


Haute Cuisine (2013)




A feast for the eyes this one! And it will be deliciously tough to keep your eyes focused. Bound to happen when your screen is flashing rich duck breasts layered with cooked vegetables, plump escargot or simple cream cheese. Haute Cuisine is based on the true story of President Francois Mitterand’s private cook. An out and out visual treat, this one is gripping and I do not rule out the drooling pangs!


The Ramen Girl (2008)




A simple story of humour, passion, emotions and victory. Abandoned by her boyfriend in the city of Tokyo, our protagonist finds solace and her true calling at a local Ramen house. The head chef is a tiring & cranky man. Undaunted by obstacles, she manages to turn the story into a hilarious narration on account of cultural and language differences. She marches ahead to not only convince him to teach her the art of ramen preparation but also goes into becoming a ramen chef and leading her life with passion and dignity!


Toast (2010)


The autobiographical novel by Nigel Slater going by the same name is the inspiration behind this movie. The story revolves around Nigel who thinks about food every time, everywhere. Drooling over tempting cheese at the grocer’s store or carrying a flashlight into the bed just to look at delicious looking pictures in the family cookbooks. The deep story, Toast is about Nigel uniting with his always distant father and also about understanding his love for food through the course of his journey.

Grab a seat and prop up your legs fellow foodies!

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