6 Drinks You Need To Try When Travelling To These Places

So you love to pack your bags & set off to explore the world? I’m sure you are busy checking out the grub scene at every place you travel to. But what about the liquids? Here is checking out the scene for fluids…


UK & Germany




So, it was on a cold December evening when our love story started. The city was decorated, the city was lovely, but Newcastle was cold! Walking around in the Christmas market, a steaming hot mug of mulled wine came to my rescue. Rich Red Wine, heated to perfection and spiced up with cinnamon, star anise and other soul warming ingredients.

Tuck in with a freshly made, juicy meat patty burger and you are good to go.  

Some of the best-mulled wines are to be found in the UK & the Bavarian region of Germany.






If you are touring north India, Badam Milk is not to be missed. Milk that is brewed in a big wok for hours with dry fruits, especially almonds (badam in Hindi), laced with Saffron, and stirred till it thickens. Badam milk is sold at roadside stalls all over north India in earthen Khulads. At many places, the drink is topped with thick milk solids, sprinkled with cut dry fruits and finally decorated with edible silver foil. It’s a must-have.


Iceland & parts of Scandinavia




If you are in Iceland, then it has got to be Brennivin! The famous Bottle Green & Black is synonymous with tradition in Iceland. This unsweetened schnapps is considered Iceland’s signature distilled beverage. Literally meaning burnt wine, Brennivin is an ideal mid-winter feast. Seeped through herbs & flavoured with caraway, Brennivin is served cold in shot glasses and ideally enjoyed with hakari – a kind of fermented shark meat.






If the wilderness of the African continent excites you, then add to your adventure with Tej, a local drink that originated in Ethiopia. This honey wine is flavoured with leaves & twigs of gesho – a species of buckthorn. Tej has a unique & distinct flavour to it and goes well with barbecued meats. The drink is usually brewed at home but is now available at ‘tej houses’ that dot various parts of the continent.


Sri Lanka & Parts of South-East Asia




The country ranks high on every tourist’s list and when Sri Lanka is in the picture, Coconut Arrack tops the charts. Made out of fermented coconut sap and water, Coconut Arrack boasts of a taste that swings in between whisky & rum.

Sit by the beach & enjoy this drink all across south-east Asia, though Sri Lanka lays claim to the best version.






One of the most popular liquors in Thailand, Mekhong Whiskey has been a key ingredient for celebrating happy times all over Thailand for decades now. With the taste inching closer to rum, if you are partying in Thailand, then you have to buy a bottle of Mekhong.


So party hard, drink up to your heart’s content, remember to drink responsibly and come back with memories of a lifetime…Cheers!

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