5 Quick Health Fixes For People On The Move

So you run a packed schedule and there is absolutely no time to indulge in elaborate health regimes? Sorry people, this excuse won’t work anymore. Here are five quick fixes for you, so that busy scheds do not become the reason for you to slack back!


Apple Cider Vinegar




I swear by this one! A cap full of Apple Cider with two capfuls of water, first thing in the morning, empty stomach. This has more benefits than I can list (aiding digestion, perking metabolism, balancing the PH balance of the body…). Takes just a minute to quickly gulp this down and you are on your way to good health without any extra effort.






This has been stated and reinstated so many times now that we have stopped paying attention to it anymore! But nothing works the way water therapy works. No fancy ingredients, no high flying seeds, no ‘difficult to get’ mixtures. Simple 8-10 glasses of water a day and see your hair and skin texture change in a matter of seven days. Aids hugely in digestion…wait till you see your skin glow without using that crème gloss or whatever it is that sits in your bag!    






I’ve written about this before and I can vouch for this one…with both my hands! If you can’t get into the whole juicing routine, just pick up the powder. A teaspoon in milk or water, whichever way you like it. Gulp in the elixir of life and set your body on the detox and rejuvenation mode. Convenient to carry, it’s a health fix on the go!






In the habit of calling for green chillies with every meal? Now, include ginger in that list. It’s as simple as that. Ginger boosts your metabolism big time and the best way is to have it with every meal that you have. Like some flavour in your ginger? No problem…slice up your ginger and leave it soaked in vinegar for about a week. You can add green chillies if you fancy that. Just have this with every meal like a pickle. Otherwise, just make it a practice to ask for a slice of ginger with every meal.


No to Cold




Okay, this one is very difficult for the spoilt me, but the benefits are way too many to ignore this. A simple change in habit would be to say no to cold beverages alongside your meal. They solidify the oil content in your food and just add to all the weight gain woes! According to studies, the harm is much more so why? On the other hand, sip up on Jasmine tea or plain Green tea and add to the health quotient of your meal. If an addict like me can let go, I’m sure you can.


Remember your New Year resolution? Knocking off kilos, upping the health quotient…With these quick fixes for people on the move, there are simply no excuses now! C’mon guys…quantum leap!

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