5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

The baggage that comes with the love of cooking is cleaning. Cleaning is a task that requires more patience than anything else. But what if I tell you there is an easier way to keep your kitchen spotless and cook at the same time? So, here are some hacks that will save you a lot of time and still maintain your love for cooking without the tension of the sticky mess, that too without spending a ton of money on those cleaning products.


Clean Right Away




Most people have a habit of leaving the stove, slab or utensils dirty after they are done cooking. The thumb rule is to keep the cleaning process on while you are cooking. Don’t just leave everything for the end to burden the frustration in you. If your recipe requires boiling certain food, then you can clean while the food is being boiled. If you wash the utensils right after you’ve used them, they will be 10 times easier to wash rather when they have dried up.


Baking Soda and Vinegar




Nope, not a recipe, but ingredients that will come from your kitchen for your kitchen. These ingredients will help you in making your kitchen spotless. Baking soda is the key when it comes to scrubbing stains. It may leave a white film like substance but make sure that you wipe it with a wet cloth. Vinegar is a very effective disinfectant. Clean the floor and slabs with vinegar diluted with water to disinfect them. The mild diluted vinegar solution can also be used in cleaning the kitchen glasses, and this sour solution can do wonders when it comes to cleaning the greasy sticking on the sink.


Salt Your Way Out




Salt is your best friend when it comes to cleaning the spill. If you spill something on the stove or the slab, just toss some salt over it. The salt will absorb the liquid and this amazing thing will help you scrape off any baked mess once the area is cool enough to be cleaned. Use baking soda after the cleaning is done with salt to get rid of any small bits left behind and your kitchen is clean and spotless.


Keeping That Microwave Lemony Fresh




This is one story of every household with microwave. The insides of the microwave being stained with splashes of various things that have been heated without the lid. The best solution is to clean the splashes immediately before they dry and stick to the microwave, cleaning the fresh stains is always easier than cleaning the dried ones. But, if the lazy in you has already delayed cleaning then don’t worry, just steam the stains off. Take a shallow bowl, add water and a few lemon slices and heat it on high for about 5 mins. After the stains get softer due to the steam of lemon water, wipe them off with a cloth and your microwave becomes lemony fresh again.


Baking Soda In Dustbin




Yes, baking soda is your best friend when it comes to cleaning the kitchen. This hack will help you get rid of the pungent smell that comes from the trash can. Next time you dump your garbage, wash your trash can thoroughly with vinegar water, when it dries off, add some baking soda at the bottom before putting in the new trash bag. The sprinkled dry soda has 2 advantages, first, it will soak any liquid that manages to sneak out the trash bag, second, the soda will trap any bad odour from the garbage.


The hacks are great when you are on a cleaning spree. Just remember the quicker the better is the golden rule for cleaning. Hope you find these hacks helpful. Happy cooking, happy cleaning!

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