5 Greek Dishes That Will Make You Drool

It’s time to bring in the cool blues and pristine whites of Greece into our kitchens. From eggplant dips to melt in your mouth chicken preparations, from the famed Moussaka to the oh so tasty! Courgette Balls. Let’s go Greece!






While we are at it, let’s start with the king himself! Sample this sauteed aubergine, minced meat, fried pureed tomato, a dash of potato, allspice & cinnamon and lots of cheese and bechamel sauce. The Moussaka is a baked affair and layering is the key to the heavenly taste. It’s easier to make than it sounds and it’s tastier to eat than you can imagine! Game for it?






Greek food is incomplete without dips and the culinary world is incomplete without Greek dips. Their dips are tasty & easy to make and the Taramasalata is one such example. The Taramasalata or simply put, fish roe dip is a must try-must make…So you have a blend of either white or pink fish roe. This is combined with either a potato or a bread base. Next comes a gentle drizzle of virgin olive oil or you could even settle for freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you have a tongue for something different, then this is surely your dip.






Ah! Just reading the recipe would make it your number one dish on your cheat days! Very, very simple and very, very tasty. Simply make pastry sheets (or you could get the readymade ones). Next comes the cheese. Typically, locally procured Greek cheese is used for the filling but considering you are sitting on a different latitude altogether, I’d say you could choose from the varieties available near home. Mozzarella is likely to be found everywhere so you could actually mix the mozzarella with any of other cheese that you plan to use. Nothing can beat the loooong stretch of the Mozzarella! Sounds exciting enough?






Another of the flavourful dips from this beautiful country! Greek food is incomplete without grilled meats and the platters, complete with salad and pita bread. A simple dip made from cucumber, garlic and curd, the Tzatziki is often served alongside pita bread for dipping. This wonderful dip, very high on flavour is also used as a component for the souvlaki platter. Yes I know, it’s the souvlaki your eyes have been searching for. So that’s up next.






A befitting finale’ for a list that started with the king! The one dish that probably holds the crown for making Greek food popular worldwide. Typically speaking, the souvlaki is a speciality made with tender cuts of meat, marinated and then charcoal grilled. Meat is marinated and tenderised and then grilled on charcoal specifically to bring out the smoky taste. Given the worldwide fame that the souvlaki enjoys, it is served usually with salad and either a rice pilaf or pita bread triangles and dips. The marinades are usually simple and the flavour of the meat is retained under the smoky affair.


The recipes are all here. Cook eat sleep repeat. The kitchen is your playground; create magic and feel like a Greek God!


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