5 Dishes For Your Party From Around The World

This party season, let’s do things differently. Let’s keep it a simple and grand affair! Let’s keep ‘easy to make’ dishes, let’s bring in food from across the globe. No, we are not drunk (not yet!).

A low down on dishes & their off takes from various countries that can be tossed up in your kitchen without giving you stress!


Thukpa (Nepal)




Yes, it’s easy! Prepare chicken/meat broth adding salt & black pepper. Boil noodles & keep aside. Sauté finely chopped onions & garlic: keep aside. Lightly steam mushrooms, carrots & cabbage. Put in the veggies & onion garlic mix in bowls. Dump small servings of noodles. Top up with boiled meat chunks & finally pour in boiling hot soup – this will cook up the veggies further. Garnish with finely chopped spring onion leaves. There, soup taken care of!


Nachos (Spain)




Simple preparation. Stir in minced chicken in pizza, pasta or lasagna sauce. Add in salt, oregano, garlic bread seasoning. Cook until well done. Spread out cheesy nachos in a baking tray, pour the chicken topping over the nachos. Lay cheese strips all over and heat for 5 mins on medium heat. Garnish with some jalapeños and your starter is done.


Vada Pav (India)




Very widely consumed in Mumbai, it’s tasty & sumptuous. Mash boiled potatoes, some grated ginger, salt & a little red chilli powder. Make thick round patties, coat in gram flour batter, shallow fry & keep aside. Make green chutney by adding in coriander leaves, 1 tomato, 1 green chilli, 2 garlic cloves, salt & little water in the blender. Open a pack of buns and slit them horizontally. Melt butter on a girdle & heat the buns. Smear chutney on either sides of the bun, place a patty in between, press down and voila! You are good to go! Serve with Vodka shots & see the crowd go crazy! That’s main course No.1.


Quiche (France)




A giant quiche instead of small individual ones. Buy giant quiche pastries. Fill in with tiny chicken chunks sautéed in oregano, pasta seasoning, crushed garlic, finely chopped shallots, salt, & black pepper. Add sautéed mushrooms. Pour beaten egg mixture. Top up with cream & milk mixture. Cover up with generous quantities of grated parmesan cheese. Sprinkle oregano, parsley & paprika. Check your oven manual for temperature & time suited to your oven. Take out, let it cool. Cut up in fine triangles and serve with mustard sauce. For vegans, replace chicken with boiled spinach & baby corns. That’s the second main course.


Princess Cake (Sweden)




Okay, you can bunk making this one after all the cooking. Hop across to the nearest store & buy yourself the Swedish Princess Cake. A beautiful green coloured cake, full of custard, jam, marzipan & whipped cream. Desserts done!

Go ahead, indulge, put the world on the table and don’t forget to put country wise placards in front of each dish…and get ready to be the talk of the party season!

Note: While the actual recipes are more elaborate, the above are variations to suit all palates and facilitate fast cooking with easily available ingredients.

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