4 Cities To Visit In India For Best Street-Food

I’ve run out of fuel, while India continues to go strong on with its varied street food. So here I am, giving you some of India’s best street foods. Here we go…






The city’s name hardly comes up when street food is discussed. It was thus a surprise to learn that this sleepy little town boasts of more than 100 types of different namkeens (Indian savouries).

Flavoured with garlic or asafoetida or simply chillies, the variety available can be heady. So much so that online selling of namkeens is a huge business in Indore! The most popular options here are garlic sev, hing sev, mixtures & dal namkeens.

While all shops sell pretty much everything, Akash ke Namkeen,  Om ke Namkeen & Prakash Namkeen are the most popular haunts. Don’t  miss the Indore namkeens for anything in the world!






If you happen to be in the city or even travelling outside to Mysore or Coorg, your best bet at street food is the already very famous idli. What I’d personally recommend, is to ditch the restaurants for once. Karnataka highways are dotted with roadside idli sellers. Their idlis are steaming hot, incredibly tasty and extremely fresh! Usually served with coconut chutney and no sambar, these ‘roadside idlis’ take the idli eating experience to an all new level!






Street food in Goa can be a gastronomical riot! Head to the Miramar beach which houses Goa’s oldest street food. The food carts are well organised and hygiene requirements have been standardised. Goa street food used to be all about bhel puri & sev puri etc. Today, however, you can choose from a plethora of offerings apart from these age-old staples. Dig into Shawarmas, hot dogs, kathi rolls and if you search well you will even find a cart that sells some popular Mumbai tawa delicacies like stuffed rolls & bhaida rotis.

Finish your meal by paying a visit to the most popular guy here – the Golawala (selling locally made ice candies). Crushed ice, topped with syrups of your choice; a real delight. Go ahead & indulge. After all, it’s Goa!






If you are a foodie, then you have to pay obeisance at Amritsar! A foodie’s paradise, the holy city offers options galore. Basically, in Amritsar, every food is street food. Because the best of the best is served at local dhabas. Don’t bother with fine dining sit downs when in this city.

You can go berserk trying chicken preparations, while your trip is incomplete without digging into Amritsari fish fry. Do sample the Amritsari kulcha chola, a Sunday breakfast special and best bought from roadside vendors. Bharawan da dhaba, Kesar & Brother’s dhaba; these are the places to head to. If you can squeeze the time, make a quick tour till the Indo Pak border and stop over at a restaurant that goes by the name of Sarhad (meaning border). They are famous for their chicken biryani, which they claim is straight from the kitchens of Pakistan as an ode to the rich culinary heritage of the country. A sheer delight!

Journeys can be unending when it comes to street food in India; go ahead…explore!


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