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Saffron Peach Iced Tea

A refreshing summer drink recipe. Saffron Peach Iced Tea is made with saffron, peach syrup, basil leaves, water, sugar and tea. It is a healthier option to carbonated drinks and feels good on a hot sunny day.


Vanilla Cupcakes

A popular dessert recipe around the world. Vanilla cupcakes are made with flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, chocolate chips, eggs and baking soda. They are delicious to eat and is the most basic recipe of them all.


Bread Idli

A delicious Indian appetizer recipe. Bread idli is made with potatoes, curry leaves, onion, mustard seeds, bread, curd, turmeric and chili. It can be had for breakfast or as an appetizer. Bread idli tastes best when served immediately.

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Prawn Egg Foo Young (Omelette) Recipe

Prawn Egg Foo Young (Omelette)

Prawn Egg Foo Young is an easy Chinese appetizer recipe and a great variation from the normal omelette we are used to making. It is made with eggs, prawns, bean sprouts, spring onions and soy sauce. The omelette is best served with an oyster, soy sauce & chicken stock based sauce.


Eggless No Bake Cheesecake

A popular and delicious dessert recipe. Eggless no bake cheesecake is made with cream cheese, condensed milk, cake rusk, butter, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla essence. It is a vegetarian cheesecake and tastes best when served chilled.

Chuoi Chien – Vietnamese Fried Bananas Recipe

Chuoi Chien – Vietnamese Fried Bananas

Chuoi chien is a popular Vietnamese dessert recipe made with bananas dipped in a rice flour batter and fried till golden and crispy. It’s a very famous street food among locals in Vietnam.

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Eggs Benedict Recipe
Eggs Benedict

An ultimate English breakfast recipe consisting of toasted bun…

Afghani Chicken

Afghani chicken is a popular Indian appetizer recipe made of c…

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Feeling heavy in the tummy?…pop in a pill. Got a cough?…drink that syrup. A cut from the knife?…smear that antiseptic endlessly. STOP!! Reach out to that jar in your kitchen, connect with the bounties of nature and see it nurture you back to health, with no side effects! We tell you how.   Common Cuts: […]


Nothing can beat the scrumptious street food of Delhi. The smell of potato patty topped with yogurt and tasty, tangy chutneys. Even the brands cannot beat the Dilli chaat walas. But as it is said that every field has some masters. Well, this one also does have a few who will make you lick your […]


When apples are cut and kept out for a while, they tend to get discoloured. They start becoming brownish in colour. The longer it is out, the darker the brown colour becomes. This is not exactly a pretty sight but don’t worry, the apple has not gone bad. When apples are cut the enzymes in […]