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Tri Colour Parfait

Tri Colour Parfait is an Indian Independence Day special dessert recipe. The Parfait boasts of the 3 colours in the Indian flag being saffron – represented by the motichoor ladoo, white – represented by rabri and green represented by kiwi. The dessert in itself is a unique dish and the combination of flavours work really well […]


Kesari Shakkar Pare

Kesari Shakkar Pare or Shakkarpara is a traditional Indian snack cum dessert recipe. Shakkar Pare are deep-fried crunchy pieces of dough dipped in a saffron sugar syrup. The Shakkar Pare are then air dried on a tray until solid and crisp. They are best served with tea in the evening.


Gobhi Cutlet

Gobhi Cutlet or Croquette is a bite-sized Indian appetizer recipe. Gobhi Cutlet is made with grated cauliflower, bread, breadcrumbs, cornflour and flour. Cauliflower Cutlet is mildly spiced and is a deep fried Indian snack recipe. Gobhi Cutlet is best served hot with mint chutney and is a perfect evening snack recipe.

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Chuoi Chien – Vietnamese Fried Bananas Recipe

Chuoi Chien – Vietnamese Fried Bananas

Chuoi chien is a popular Vietnamese dessert recipe made with bananas dipped in a rice flour batter and fried till golden and crispy. It’s a very famous street food among locals in Vietnam.

Feijao A Portuguesa - Portuguese Bean Stew Recipe

Feijao A Portuguesa – Portuguese Bean Stew

A tangy and spicy Portuguese bean stew recipe made with white beans, chorizo and bacon. The stew has a mildly spicy and smoky flavour.


Christmas Chocolate Yule Logs

A traditional French Christmas dessert recipe – Yule Log cakes are made with a light sponge baked to perfection, chocolate butter cream filling and a dark chocolate ganache.

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Potato 65

An Indian vegetarian appetizer recipe – Potato 65 is a v…

Eggs Benedict Recipe
Eggs Benedict

An ultimate English breakfast recipe consisting of toasted bun…

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The sudden rise in heart attacks and heart-related ailments over the last few decades has led reluctant people to sit up and take note of their diet. Eliminating favourite foods that are bad for the heart has been the hardest part for most folks. The thought of the responsibilities they have and the support of […]


So you call yourself a wine-enthusiast? Then, I am sure you’d know what ice wines are? Well, emmm, yes? No? If you do, then well and good, but for those who are not acquainted with the term, ice wine is wine made from grapes that have been left to freeze naturally on the vine. Yes, […]


In my personal experience, every time I have watched the movie Chef, I’ve landed up in the kitchen; inspired and cooking! So, let’s make the group bigger…I bring you the best foodie movies of all times!   The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)     Helen Mirren, Om Puri, lots of yummy food & the beautiful […]